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Sulogy Online Proerty Management System

The property management software in our reviews comes in a variety of forms/Pages and each service has different strengths that cater to specific needs. Look for a service that has a good balance of marketing, tenant and facilities management, and accounting and general management features. The software should be easy to use and offer reliable technical support.

Property management software gives owners and managers of single-and multifamily rental properties a whole universe of web-based integrated software, services and solutions to help find and retain the right tenants, increase revenue, rent faster and simplify all management processes.

FeelProperty – is an Estate Agent and Property Management System is a user friendly contact and property manager for real estate professionals. It Saves time and sell more by empowering to easily keep track of leads, manage listings, and market to new prospects.

We strive to provide excellent customer support and continually add new features to our software based on member feedback. We make it easy to get started and create more profit from your properties. Give us a try and see why we are one of the best property management software programs.

  1. Four Type of User Management (Administrator, Builder/Developer, Broker/Agent & Individual)
  2. New User Registration Management.
  3. Post Property Management
  4. Property All Detail Management
  5. Developer Account Management
  6. Developer Project and Property Management.
  7. Developer logo, Banner, About Us, Menu, Price Range, Property Type etc. Management
  8. Developer Customer Management.
  9. Show Developer Project and Details.
  10. Agent Account Management
  11. Agent logo, Project and Property Management.
  12. Agent Customer Management.
  13. Individual Account Management
  14. Individual Property Management.
  15. Individual Customer Management.
  16. Type of property, Type of Agent, Deal in Management by Admin.
  17. Feature Gallery, Projects, Property News, Premium Developer Management by Admin.
  18. Show All Users Detail to Admin
  19. Show All Property Details to Admin
  20. Show All Customers Details to Admin.
  21. Search Property by Property Type, Transition Type, Location, Budget etc.
  22. Search Agents by Deal In, Property Handled, Location etc.
  23. Easy Post Requirement / Search Requirement Facility.
  24. Display matched property details easily and quickly by one click.
  25. Add up to any nos. of photos and property document per property
  26. Match property with potential buyers.
  27. List all viewings for property.
  28. Powerful logical user management for security.
  29. Many More Feature Available.

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