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Online Education Management System

Online tutoring is the process of tutoring in an online, virtual environment or networked environment in which teachers and learners are separated by time and space. Online tutoring, as a reflection of the diversity of the wider Internet, is practiced using many different approaches and is addressed to distinct sets of users. The distinctions are in online content and interface, as well as in tutoring and tutor-training methodologies. Definitions associated with online tutoring vary widely, reflecting the ongoing evolution of the technology, the refinement and variation in online learning methodology, and the interactions of the organizations that deliver online tutoring services with the institutions, individuals, and learners that employ the services. This form of Internet service is a classical micropublishing situation. helps students improve their education knowledge and skills by providing an online resource for self-study and practice. Through the effective use of technology and interactive media, the site combines evaluation, reference and learning activities in a unique package that students may use alone or in tandem with tutoring offered at their home. Dynamic learning strategies are used to analyze complex information using different yet complementary perspectives. Each unit focuses on a single theme that presents written explanations of key concepts along with colorful animations. Pre-tests, practice activities and quizzes evaluate students’ abilities and progress. A basic grammar tool kit, glossary and printable PDFs round out the reference.

Our qualified manpower is able to develop the required skills among the students as well as a sense of competitiveness. We have renowned teachers in their field to quell the queries of different types. Our online tutors provide out-of-box services to the students in order to help them. We have customized our services to match best to the needs of different students. is an online tutoring service available to currently enrolled and Achievement Program students, where you can:

Connect with an e-instructor and interact with a live tutor. Submit your writing for any class to their Online Writing Lab.

Submit a question and receive a reply from a tutor.

  1. Three type of User Management (Student, Tutor and Institutes)
  2. Registration /Login Management
  3. Easy log in to join meeting
  4. Add and manage students
  5. Add and manage teachers
  6. Add and manage Institutes
  7. Online tutoring by Teacher.
  8. Course Creation Management
  9. Attendance Management
  10. Connect with your students in real-time
  11. Batch Managment
  12. Easy and effective text chat
  13. Power Point presentations
  14. Create and deliver courses
  15. Assessments and Question Bank
  16. Record audio/video file with instant playback and download
  17. Easily use pre-recorded videos during your meeting
  18. Upload your presentations and meeting data ahead of scheduled meeting
  19. Exam Scheduling.
  20. Online Exam Management
  21. Question paper setting
  22. Many other options available

  • Tools to run your online teaching business
  • API Attach for live video streams
  • Whiteboard tools to draw naturally
  • Breakout sessions and recordings
  • Content Library
  • Interactive tools for meeting participation
  • Maximize or minimize meeting information for better viewing
  • Review presentation independently, if released by presenter
  • Access to meeting data for review or download
  • Upload your presentation and meeting data ahead of scheduled meeting
  • Review the meeting in advance
  • Presenter Dashboard to help manage meeting data
  • Attendees – The host has determined he wants you to join and participate in the meeting.
  • Create a quick meeting instantly
  • Have multiple presenters and let them upload their meeting data
  • Review your meeting in advance
  • Presenter Dashboard to help manage meeting data
  • Change presenters with single click
  • Share documents, applications, websites or desktop
  • Review multiple presentations with single click
  • Release presentation to attendees for individual viewing
  • See the physical location of each attendee
  • Collaborate on real-time note board and save data to Adobe® .PDF file
  • Electronic handouts with single click download
  • Automatic meeting reports that give meeting activity data
  • Database that houses meeting information for future use
  • Built in VoIP at no additional charge

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