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Help Desk Management System

Traditionally, the term “help desk” has generated some confusion since it can refer to two different types of support organizations: teams that serve external customers (consumers or businesses that have purchased goods or services from your company), and teams that serve internal customers (employees). But in either instance, help desk management software stores customer information in a searchable database, tracks interactions, and automates the issue resolution process using a trouble ticketing system. This core functionality increases efficiency and organization. Help desk management software acts as a web-based system, which means it can help with managing inquiries as well as other types of support processes. The software also ranks inquiries and classifies them all by priority. At the same time, the software transfers them to the appropriate department for issue resolution. Our customers use our software to provide support to their customers. But what is help desk software? It is a software suite that enables customer support or support desk agents to receive, process, and respond to service requests. Track all your helpdesk emails, phone calls, web-form requests etc effectively with Manage Engine Help Desk Management software. It makes your life easy and helps you to manage your helpdesk tickets easily by automating the processes like request routing, business rule application, SLA management and escalation management. It is easy to install, implement and gives you a good user experience. This type of software can also help reduce the amount of training that's needed for the support staff. As a result, your support staff can become experts in just a short amount of time. Such an advantage allows for a much speedier resolution of employee networking issues, which in turn frees up your support staff to support an even higher volume of employees. Help Desk Management software builds on this definition of help desk software by creating a powerful ticket-management platform that allows you to centralize all your customer conversations. You can quickly and easily increase productivity by automating business rules via triggers and automations, and by creating predetermined responses (known as “macros”) to frequently asked questions.

  1. Self - Service Portal and Knowledgebase
  2. Provide live remote support
  3. Real time text chat visitors monitoring and on-line/offline status.
  4. Control unattended computers
  5. Single Support Operator and Multiple Chat Sessions.
  6. Enable in-session chat & customer-initiated support
  7. Transfer sessions
  8. Record sessions
  9. Integrate with other applications, using APIs.
  10. Easily manage, track and resolve issues
  11. Email Request and Multi-Site Support
  12. Powerful change, release & configuration management
  13. Be proactive and build your knowledge base and problem database
  14. Monitor your IT ecosystem, including servers & devices
  15. SLA Management and Business Rules
  16. Proactive, Auto & Keyword Specific Chat Invitations
  17. Inventory assets – discover all devices
  18. Receive alerts
  19. Provide live remote support
  20. Collaboration tools: session transfer, escalation
  21. Desktop Apps and Plug-ins for CMS and Blogging Platforms
  22. Management tools: session recording, surveys and agent monitoring
  23. Session queuing and intelligent routing
  24. Canned messages & Push URLs. Customer/operator Typing status.
  25. Notification Rules and Reports
  26. Advertisement/PPC campaign tracking.
  27. Tracking/chat code for secure web pages (SSL) & secure chat sessions.
  28. In-session chat & customer initiated web chat
  29. Web & application integration
  30. Many others….

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