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Facebook Marketing Services

Today, Facebook emerged as one of the world's largest advertising and marketing platform, leveraging its potential to gain the maximum possible output has become indispensable for online businesses. BrainPulse provides integrated Facebook Marketing Services to promote brand awareness, increase fan base and drive sales. It lets you build, promote and strengthen your web presence by using gigantic platform of 800 millions of users.

It has also become a medium of showcasing products that companies want to sell. There has been an upsurge in Facebook marketing services India and across the world. This is the latest way to bring new stuff to people's notice.

Not only are people using it to market products, they are also using it as a platform to display new work. Artists are posting their creations, film makers are promoting their movies, designers are giving a sneak peek into the boutiques and this way many people are finding a large audience that is responding to products and services.

Sulogy Softech is a Facebook marketing company in India that caters to a global audience and helps market the products through this social networking site. We are aware of the tips and tricks of the trade and when you partner with us, your sales can only go higher than what they are.

Facebook Advertising & Promotion:

A premier social media channel with over 900 million active users on board, Facebook empowers marketers to strengthen audience outreach effectively. Following are the direct benefits you can get when you go for business promotion via Facebook:

  • Get found by audience who are looking for your products or services.
  • Connect and engage with existing and and potential customers.
  • Create a community around your products and services.
  • Promote webinars, blog articles, or other resources to capture audience.


Are you a businesses, organization, celebrity, and political figure and want to gain exposure on Facebook? Our Facebook Fan page marketing services are for you. There is no better way than this if you seek to establish long-term relationships with your fans, readers or customers. Don’t wait any further. We are here to help you connect with people and showcase them your business with a Facebook Page or Facebook community.


Leverage the immeasurable potential of a highly advanced and interactive social networking platform with targeted Facebook advertisements. Our Facebook Ad Management services help you target your ads amongst neatly defined set of target audience. An experienced ad management team helps you create, edit and manage Facebook adverts. Operate at scale adverts, advert sets and campaigns.


Give your business a push with Facebook applications and widgets development services. Sulogy widget developers develop advanced, user-friendly, highly customized and unique Facebook applications and widgets with astounding visualized designs and functionalities. Whether you need a customized Share Button or a Facebook page badge, we develop it all for you. Give your branding over Facebook a new dimension.